“Honor Above All” Means No Locks on Lockers at CLS

When walking through the hallways at Charlotte Latin School, one of the first things most visitors notice is that the lockers do not have locks. The reason is simple: Honor Above All.

The words “Honor Above All” reflect a deeply-rooted commitment to the Honor Code that extends far beyond the classroom. These words hang in every classroom on campus, reminding students of the expectation that comes with being a student at Charlotte Latin School. Whether it’s the backpacks sitting outside the gym, students pledging “Honor Above All” on tests before turning them in, or the lockers without locks, it’s apparent that honor is deeply rooted into the culture and continues to be a defining characteristic of the school. 

While the Latin Honor System was originally created in order to provide students with a fair and just learning environment, it reaches beyond academics. It is why backpacks and after school bags are left out in the open during the school day, and why students feel completely comfortable leaving their laptops out while they grab lunch with friends. The Honor Code not only works to create a better learning environment, but it also builds a deep sense of trust within the student body.


Comprised of an Honor Council and Code, the Honor System is a crucial aspect of Charlotte Latin’s identity. The first Honor Council assumed its duties in November of 1985, with a new Code being put in place. The Student Council and a few teachers worked tirelessly through the summer before the 1985 school year to create an Honor Code that would be followed by students and teachers alike. The Honor Council is comprised of four elected students (two juniors and two seniors) and four faculty members. To this day, students are elected to the Honor Council by their peers, and serve alongside select teachers. 

The Honor Code speaks to not only the strong academic stance of the school, but also to the culture of Latin, something that has been so well preserved by a simple, yet powerful system. Honor Above All is a Latin Core Value that students carry with them far beyond their time at the school. 

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