While the official mascot of Charlotte Latin School is a hawk, Latin’s first students and faculty might beg to differ. With four big paws and a short yellow coat, an old hunting dog named George claimed the role of unofficial mascot in the 70s and 80s. Belonging to the neighboring May family, George roamed the campus daily, arriving every morning and winning many fans along the way. Latin became his second home as he visited classrooms and sniffed out lunches in cubbies. Former Head of Lower School Claudette Hall, remarked that George had very discriminating taste, hunting only the the best turkey sandwiches. 

Though he constantly raided lunchboxes and even once caused a foul by trotting onto the court during a basketball game, George held a special place in the hearts of students and faculty alike. George’s owner, Ms. May, recalls that he even showed up to school on holidays refusing to be away from Latin for more than a few hours. He was once even crowned Homecoming King by the student body. 

When George died, his memorial was established outside Dr. Fox’s office. One day, an alumnus stopped by the office to visit Dr. Fox, asking about his youngest son, also named George. Thinking the alum was asking about the school’s beloved pup, Dr. Fox responded that George had died and was now buried under the tree outside of his office. The shocked alumnus muttered in a sad tone, “Oh my, I am so sorry.” The story was eventually sorted out, though not without a few laughs.  

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Charlotte Latin