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A Timeline of



The Nest Opens

A priority of the Foundation for the Future campaign, The Nest opened its doors in August, 2010. An on-site child care and enrichment program, The Nest is a major commitment by Latin to attract and retain the best faculty and staff by supporting their needs for on-campus care of their preschool age children. It is the first facility of its kind at a Charlotte-area independent school. Children are accepted from 6-weeks to 4-years-old.

Charlotte Latin  Magazine, Winter 2010

Charlotte Latin Magazine, Winter 2010


 Ken Collins endows Lower School Financial Aid Scholarship

In 2011, Dr. Ken Collins, Upper School mathematics teacher and swim coach, pledged $500,000 to support financial assistance for Lower School students who otherwise would not be able to afford a Latin education, thereby increasing the School's diversity.

After forty-one years of teaching and coaching at Latin, Dr. Ken Collins has recently added another role: benefactor.
— Jane Wester ‘13, The Hawk Eye 2010-11
Charlotte Latin  Magazine, Winter 2012

Charlotte Latin Magazine, Winter 2012

By focusing on students who have academic potential but who don’t have the ability to attend Latin, I believe that in a very natural way, it will increase diversity.
— Ken Collins

Anne's Black Box Theater opens

Dedicated to parent Anne Belk (deceased) our  Black Box theater debuted with a compilation of Edgar Allen Poe's tales and provided an audience experience previously unachievable.  This multi-use space allows not just for dramatic theater but functions as a reception and meeting space as well.

The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe  was the first performance held in Anne’s Black Box, Fall 2011.

The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe was the first performance held in Anne’s Black Box, Fall 2011.

Scene from  The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe

Scene from The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe



Areon Mobasher ‘13 as Jean Valjean in  Les Miserables

Areon Mobasher ‘13 as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables

Latin wins first Blumey Award

Supported by the Blumenthal Performing Arts, the Blumey Awards program recognizes and celebrates the best in high school musical theater in Charlotte and the surrounding communities. In 2013, Areon Mobasher ‘13 won Latin’s first Blumey - Best Actor - for his role as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables. Since, two more Hawks have gone on to win superlative awards - Ethan Holtzman ‘18 - Best Actor for the role of the Baker in Into The Woods - and Arella Flur ‘19 - Best Actress for the role of Mary Poppins in Mary Poppins.

Ethan Holtzman ‘18 as the Baker in  Into the Woods

Ethan Holtzman ‘18 as the Baker in Into the Woods

Arella Flur ‘19 in  Mary Poppins

Arella Flur ‘19 in Mary Poppins



Inaugural Athletic Hall of Fame class inducted

Before there were NFL and NBA alums, before college stars emerged, before records and personal bests were the stuff of legend and before a myriad of student athletes took team wisdom and discipline to the marketplace, there were coaches and Hawks setting the stage for athletic greatness here at Latin.  

In 2014, the Athletic Hall of Fame was created to recognize members of the Charlotte Latin School community who have distinguished themselves as outstanding contributors to the School's athletic program by having demonstrated exemplary sportsmanship and character. Inductees have also established high standards of excellence in athletic achievement. Classes are inducted every two years.



CLS is selected as an MIT Fab Lab

Where there were once Legos and soldering irons, there are now 3D printers and makerspace. Our Fab Lab is one of only about 20 in the U.S., many of which are at colleges and universities. Founded at MIT, a Fab Lab goes far beyond a typical makerspace in that its core capabilities include computer controlled laser cutters, large and precision milling machines, sign cutters and more. Latin's engineering programs are among the most cutting edge at independent schools in the country.

Fab Lab sign.jpg
When we look at the underlying math and science, then apply the principles to solve a problem or meet a challenge, that’s critical thinking.
— Tom Dubick

Latin Leads with Honor framework created

Partnering with the Center for Creative Leadership, Latin’s leadership curriculum, Latin Leads with Honor, was created. Later naming Ann Thompson Brock ‘81 the first Director of Student Leadership, this program operates on the notion that Leadership is a skill that can be learned and it has more than just one definition. Students are given platforms to share their thoughts and opinions through groups such as the Honor Council Advisory Board and the Student-Athlete Leadership Team.




Latin Fellows Program introduced

The 2018-2019 school year brought our first two Latin Fellows to campus. The Latin Fellows program gives one year of guidance, training and experience to recent college graduates from underrepresented groups who have expressed interest in teaching as a career. The fellowships are also for novice educators who desire the opportunity to develop their teaching skills in a supportive environment.

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